Why Use Shopify?

With Shopify, becoming an online mompreneur is so much easier!

Setting up a website is a necessity in this modern world now. A website is like a store in a mall where the store is your website and the mall is the internet or world wide web. BUT setting up the website is always the part where a lot of aspiring entrepreneur get stuck. 

These are the common reasons that people get stuck with :-

  • What store name should I use?
  • What is my branding?
  • What should my store have?
  • Must I sell products since Shopify is an e-commerce platform?
  • Can I sell services on my website?
  • I do not know what to sell.
  • I want to do a lot of things but I do not know where to start. 
  • I do not have time to set up . 

and many more.....

 That is why a lot of new entrepreneurs outsource their website to others and most of the time it will cost them quite a sum especially for new startups. This also causes them to have pressure and not having a website for their business. 

We have to admit the fact is that most business owners trust you more if you have a good and decent looking website. The first impression counts!



Shopify makes it so much easier and does most of the heavy lifting for you!

Shopify wants you to create that awesome first impression, they want you to look professional, yet personal. 

We know that you'd rather be running your business and spending time with your family instead of trying to figure out HTML, snippets (yes, they’re a thing) and stylesheets. 


So let me take care of your website launch while you can run your day-to-day business and spent more time with your family.


Get insight on how your site can perform better


  • Discover existing opportunities for your business
  • Learn where to focus your efforts
  • Ensure your admin is set up effectively
  • Get answers to your burning questions :)
  • Choose either a 45 min recorded video review of your site or...
  • Choose a personal phone call consultation


Ideal for crafters, makers, artists, designers & entrepreneurs


  • Full Shopify store and admin set-up
  • A 'We-Do-It-For-You' solution
  • Includes our Maker Theme - clean, elegant & easy to use
  • Test your idea, update your theme, meet your budget
  • Ready in as little as one week!
  • You provide your images and content - we worry about the rest
  • Includes site manual and two weeks of support


For savvy entrepreneurs with more complex site needs


    • Discovery call + kickoff call
    • Full Shopify store and admin set-up
    • Collaborative design & development process
    • Problem solving & brainstorming
    • Includes a fully customizable proprietary theme
    • Full Shopify store and admin set-up
    • Site migration from other platforms
    • Robust apps, features, and customization
    • 2-6 weeks to deliver
    • Includes site manual, video training and four weeks of support


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