I met Kenneth Choo on his FB Live session with FHMoms (Filipino Home based Moms), which eventually led me to avail his book - Mother Industrialist. I love the way he showed how to identify our 3 P's - Passion, Purpose, Profit by using real stories from Moms he interviewed - a lot of their experiences resonates with my own journey. I could relate more to being a Dynamo Genius.. I could also see a snippet of myself with Ange, Millie (starting from zero).. His book helped me clarify my purpose - I now know what I want to do: To Teach... And really, my passion is to help people learn - gain access to knowledge and information - 1. Old school style (face to face) 2. Digitally - and many more!

Thank you, Kenneth, for writing this book. Your insights into the Mom's World and our journey to becoming an entrepreneur, aka "Mother Industrialist" is so timely.

- Peach Pira-Perida


Kenneth has an ability to hone in on important questions and concepts that relate to mother entrepreneurs. Worth the read!!

- Rosie Suerdieck


Kenneth is a very passionate and kind chap in doing his best to support about Mompreneurship.

His dedication towards his daughter & loved ones touched my heart. I know he has a big heart and will definitely give back to the society.

I sincerely wishing Kenneth all the best and have great success towards the launch of Mother Industrialists and future endeavours.

- Jenny Lee



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