Episode 4: How To Transform Your Life In 3 Years Or Less & Live Your Dreams with Millie Leung

In this episode, I chat with Millie Leung who is a wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. With no prior entrepreneurial background and network, Millie started a home-based business and expanded it to become an international fast-growing multi-million empire within 26 months. She is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom through entrepreneurship.

Today, Millie is often invited to speak at international stages sharing her journey and lessons, with the aim of inspiring, entertaining, and challenging her audience to start living their dreams.



Kenneth Choo (Show Host), the author of the book “Mother Industrialist”, initiated a live series featuring inspiring women who live a marvelous balance between parenthood, business/ career, and life.

This live episode is about a mother who chooses to leave the corporate world to become a fulltime mom and eventually had the courage to become an entrepreneur and started to live the life that she wanted while inspiring other women to get the freedom that they deserve. She was the author of the book, “Mind and Money Makeover”, an International Speaker, an entrepreneur, and mother of 2 daughters. She is no other than Millie Leung (Guest).


The interview started with a question for the day which is - “What will you do if you have the freedom that you want?”. According to Millie, that question is something that every people should be thinking about, especially when starting a business. They have to really identify their big why as this will serve as fuel to their business. The freedom that she was enjoying now allows her to travel the world, spend her precious time with her family especially her two lovely daughters and impact the lives of others by sharing her story. She also used that freedom to give back to the society by doing volunteer work and donating to the school. It's really doable since she is not constraint by either time or money.

Millie before starting a Business:


Millie Leung was born in Hong Kong and was raised by a middle-class family. Her father is an Engineer and her mother is a stay-at-home mom. She was following the traditional success formula - go to school, get good grades, work on a great company, climb the corporate ladder and save money along the way. She was a straight-A student, had a job that pays well, worked really hard - more than 40 hours a week. But she came to the point of exhaustion and took a time off to spend with her family.


And the big twist in her life began.


Leaving her corporate job she became a stay at home mom, but as time goes by, she got sicked of the routine. She was on the brink of losing her identity. In the corporate world - she was well paid but have no or limited freedom, but being a stay-at-home mom, although she has the fulfillment of looking after her children, felt that she stopped growing as a person and wanted to interact with more people. So she thought of a way to achieve balance - then she started her own business. And in 26 months had the financial freedom that she aims for.

Some takeaways from this interview:

She also shared her admiration for the author and financial guru, Robert Kiyosaki. His book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, was a great turn around for her. She was enlightened about various financial principles and she highly recommends it especially to people who wanted to start this own business.


She also has a great way to look at obstacles. This happens for a reason. She mentioned it is normal to fail while building a business, it’s how you learn from all the pitfalls. “What doesn’t break you have to do breakthrough”. Take obstacle as a life lesson and as an opportunity to grow as a better version of yourself.


Practical tips: Proven formula to earn more income.


Most people take extra hours of work to earn more income- which in turn can affect their relationships and health - because time is so precious that exchanging it with a bit of an extra income might not that worth as an exchange for money. Millie said that rich people knew how to create an income without sacrificing their precious time and that is by expanding their audience and reaching more people. Some examples she mentioned were to publish a book, to teach more people like Tony Robbins did or to create a network marketing company. Create more value and offer it to a bigger audience is the best way to create more income.


These are best values she wanted to teach her children.


The world is changing faster and faster. Some industries are becoming extinct and artificial intelligence is now replacing jobs. Knowing what the reality looks like and might be for the next generation, Millie said that it is vital to teach her children how to be creative. The ability to think differently (in the most positive way) to solve a problem or challenging situation will become more in demand in the days to come. Communication skill is also vital to develop as early as possible. Oftentimes great ideas are useless if you don’t know how to communicate it to people. Connecting with people creates opportunity. “Your network is your net worth”. And last but not the least is Resilience, consider everything that happens to them, good or bad -  as a lesson. The ability to stand up straight and try again after numerous failures is the best attitude an entrepreneur should possess. Millie also mentioned that she will encourage her children to be bold and not follow the traditional success formula form the old time. A job nowadays can never be that stable.

How entrepreneurship helps her develop not just in parenting but all around.


Entrepreneurship opens many great opportunities to Millie. She became more fulfilled for the freedom that she was enjoying now. She has a great balance of both worlds ( family and business). Her failures and obstacles made her who she was right now. And the first 26 months of her business were one of the greatest days of her life. The opportunity to touch the lives of other people inspire them by my story is a huge achievement to me. She also mentioned to just make the baby steps. Just take that leap of faith. Start your own business.


How to transform your life?


Millie have so many tips in life transformation but she gave what for her is the best. Identify your why. Make it really matter that if obstacles come your way, your why will be strong enough to guard your passion in pursuing the business. “If there’s a will, there’s a way. Follow your heart and go for it.


And lastly, She also leaves a great question to ponder which is “What would you do in your life if you know that you could not fail?”




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