Episode 3: How My Online Business Changed My Life As A Mom with Jeimy Reyes

 In this episode, I chat with Jeimy Reyes who is a wife, an entrepreneur, and a stay-at-home mom online marketer and branding coach who loves fitness and helping people follow their dreams.

She started her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16 and she had tried all opportunities there is. She was still broke and had to deal with a lot of struggle. But rather than allowing it to define her and her future, she allowed it to become a tool to motivate her to press forward, and never go back. It is not until she chanced upon her own online business where things got much better.

She started to stay home with her 2 kids and learn affiliate marketing online. With affiliate marketing, she can now stay home, and the money is working FOR HER, not the other way around. After 3 months working as an online marketer, she hit her breakthrough. She made her first 5k month using only free organic traffic, without spamming people and posting about my product out there.

Now she is helping others to achieve what she did as a newbie and started coaching them to achieve their freedom, fulfilling their vision so telling them that they can do anything in life. She is still very much at the beginning of her journey, but she had decided to take this business all the way to the top.



Kenneth Choo (Show Host), the author of the book “Mother Industrialist”, initiated a live series featuring inspiring women who live a marvelous balance between parenthood, business/ career, and life.

Branding gives you an exceptionally effective way to broadcast who you are to your target market quickly and efficiently.– MultiChannel News

A simple mom who previously did a lot of humble jobs used her passion, her big “why” and her natural talent in building relationships to prove that doing business online is really possible and is not a myth anymore, Jeimy Reyes. She now has built her brand as a mompreneur who empowers women to build their business at home.  

The show started by answering the challenge question left by the previous guest which is, “What do you want to be remembered for?”. Jeimy has a very noble answer to that. She wanted to be remembered as a mompreneur who has changed a lot of women’s life by teaching them to start their business at home. She would also like to be remembered as a woman who helps feed a lot of kids in need around the globe. She was highly influenced by Toni Robbins and one of her bigger mission in life is to do a fundraising collaborating with different inspirational speakers to feed kids in need.


Jeimy’s entrepreneurial journey.


She initially started her entrepreneurial career as a network marketer for around fourteen years. Her father put her in network marketing when she was fifteen. She wasn’t at the legal age yet when she started with Avon so she was selling under her father’s name. It really reveals at her young age what she was good at - and that is with selling and connecting with people.


She was with various network marketing companies for around 14 years. She was living in Puerto Rico doing that. She was from the Dominican Republic but moved at the of 9 years old. She got herself a new car because she was working at that time and she needed to go door to door and did so many jobs.


And then she moved to California after 14 years. She was still on her network marketing business but it was a struggle. She was new to the language. She tried to get the business going but it wasn’t enough. And so she goes back to the  9 to 5 job, like everybody else. At that time she was also married and life was really difficult. The cost of living in California is very expensive. So when she was given the opportunity to start a business, she grabbed it.


It was her company, but she was also working for it which is cleaning houses and all. But when she gave birth to her 2nd son, the company started to fail. Managing a business and being a mom of 2 was very difficult so she started to look for an alternative.


And while she was scrolling back and forth to Facebook, she came to realize why not make money through it. Then she searched for how to make money through Facebook.  She knew she needed to do something different. She learned how to brand herself and took it to the next level. She did her best to learn from mentors and they said that she should be willing to give free stuff and so what she did was to use Facebook lives to inspire woman around the globe. “Through this platform, it became possible to reach as many women as possible and to do business at home.” She started doing her brand as a mompreneur helping other mothers to start making money at the comfort of their home


What motivates her to always keep putting the effort and making the action?


“It is because I have a strong why. When you push yourself more than the other people around you, you become the “why” that you have.” She also said that when you don’t have your motivation, you don't have the "why" that can make you cry. You really don’t do it and would not take it to the next level. She added that her coaches made her understand that she needed to have a "why" to make her goals happen. “And if I wanted to make it to the next level. I have to take actions right away.” Her “why” are her kids, her husband, and a financial freedom so they can stop living paycheck to paycheck. She wanted peace of mind. She wanted to have that perfect balance. It’s not the material things but it was because she and her husband want to be together. And that motivates her to be consistent and take actions every day.


About her lifestyle as an online mompreneur


Many have been asking if her lifestyle is really possible. For her, the lifestyle was a continuous evolution. It develops little by little. She quoted Marie Forleo saying, “If you gonna be successful, it’s gonna take at least 5 years to make the perfect lifestyle that you want”. It is about being better and better every day. This is the picture of her lifestyle - she wakes up every morning savoring quality moments with her family, she is managing her business on her own terms, and she has enough residual income to compensate all their basic necessities. Her lifestyle is better than it could be.


Is getting a coach big factor in achieving your goals faster?


She strongly believes that in order to get faster results, you have to have that strong “why”. That for her is very important. She also agrees that getting a coach can help you achieve your goals faster because that coach is actually passing on to you their years of experience in that field so you won't be needing to pass on those steps anymore. She personally gave her mentees step by step guide of her knowledge and strategies that she has learned through years of experience. A coach will tell you exactly what to do to level up your knowledge. She also highlighted that if she didn’t invest for a coach - to learn anything that I should be learning, she is not where she right now.


About building a brand organically and all the myths pertaining to online marketing business.


“You can grow organically though it would take longer, but building relationships will be faster as opposed to just paying traffic.”  She used facebook organically to attract audience to her. And for that audience to be converted to customers is about building relationships to them. It would take longer because building relationship could not built in 1 day.They actually have to know you before they buy from you. She differentiates it with doing paid traffic, where you pays facebook to create ads, whatever you do to pay for leads/ buying leads - those leads are cold leads, which means they doesn’t have a relationship with you.They don't know you and because they don't know you, you don’t have any ways to build a relationship with them.


“I master conversion of customers by building a relationship through Facebook organically.” People need to master their craft. They need to use a strategy and focus on 1 strategy at a time - so they can master it. They should have an offer that the customers will be willing to pay for. “It is possible. It takes work, grind, and hustle.”  She also mentioned that it would take time for all the hard work to pay off, it takes patience and a good mentor who is actually helping you along the way.


As they say, “the system works, it’s the people who don’t work”. It just takes a lot of patience, consistency, and willingness to invest in themselves. Now that she is helping mompreneur, she doesn't have to hurt anybody’s pocket. What she is sharing is not just a product, but a chance to change one’s life. She knew from the beginning that she couldn’t take high ticket products to the next level. Her target market is the mompreneurs and what she can really give for them is the knowledge to earn money and squeeze it for them to use.


Her Final Advice


“Start making the life that you want, stay with your kids by making money from home. Maybe bring your husband home and focus on having a relationship. One of the bigger reason why I inspire mompreneur, is because I  believe that when parents are together, they build their relationship in their home, their kids actually become healthy mentally, emotionally and in all aspects. I know it's possible, I personally did it. Just has that desire and the big “why”. Having a mentor is also significant and that very compelling offer that you can use to make money online. Definitely, you can do it.”

To end the show, Jeimy Reyes left a very insightful question which is, “What will you do if you have the freedom that you want?”




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