EPISODE 1: How Entrepreneurship Help Me Become A Better Mom with Goh Wan Pin

In this episode, I chat with The Heartpreneur Mom & Coach, Goh Wan Pin about her entrepreneurial journey and how being an entrepreneur had made her a better mom. She is happily married with 3 beautiful kids and she runs her own online business from home and she has this wonderful mission which is to help 1 million orphans around the world.


Her main objective in life is to show and inspire moms to be the best they can be, to be the best role model for their children, with ease and grace. Here’s what she found, most moms she meets to take care of their family, finances and often forget about themselves and their dreams. They often feel stressed, guilty and overwhelmed, struggle to balance time and money, not knowing what to focus on, fearing that they are not a good mom. It shouldn’t be this way and she wants to show other moms that it isn’t.



Kenneth Choo (Show Host), the author of the book “Mother Industrialist”, initiated a live series featuring inspiring women who live a marvelous balance between parenthood, business/ career, and life.


Motherhood is difficult but is very rewarding. In this episode, a mom who manages both family and business shared how entrepreneurship helped her to become a better mom. She is a mom on a mission, the founder and coach at HeartprenuerMom.com - Goh Wan Pin. She is happily married and runs her own coaching business at home while taking care of her 3 adorable children.


About Heartpreneur Mom.


Heartpreneur Mom is the brand that she created with an intention to help moms who wanted to start their own business or for mompreneurs who wants growth on their entrepreneurial journey. She especially mentioned her passion to help moms who are heart-centered - because she believes that following your heart in whatever you do is very important both as a  mom and as an entrepreneur. With more than 7 years of experience doing a different kind of businesses, she has attained more than enough knowledge that startup mompreneurs will greatly benefit from.


The story behind leaving her corporate job and why she choose a Coaching Business?


Before venturing into business she had a very nice corporate career. She was following the path that her mom told her - study hard, get good grades and get good job. She had jobs that allowed her to travel around the world while doing the work that she loves which includes marketing, branding and business development. But she reached to a point where this dream job doesn’t serve the purpose of her life anymore. She knew at that moment that she was not happy because she wasn’t able to be a mom that she wanted to be. Then, she decided to dive into the world of entrepreneurship because the flexibility and control over time appeals to her. She admitted that at first, she don’t know what she was getting into. The initial learning curve was quite stiff. It’s been really hard for her that she even came to a point where she thought that doing business was a bad idea.


But when her children got bigger, she grew and learned in business as well. She knew that what she really wanted was not to hot sell products but to add value to people. And then she began a coaching business that now helped moms cut their stuff and do something straight to what they really wanted to do.


Why did she believe that it is important to help mothers sharpen their learning curve?

“What we are losing every minute and second is time.” She highlighted the value of time, if wasted cannot be restored no matter what you do. People can always make money but we cannot put time back. And most of the moms that she worked with have the regret of losing sight of their children while working on their career or business, missing all the important milestone their children had. She personally had the same regret on her first two children. But when she had her third child, she realized that she can fill her life around spending time with her daughter and enjoying her milestones but not compromising what she wanted to do in life.


But doing so takes commitment, skill sets, discipline and a number of difficult times that she have never experienced during her work in the corporate world.That leads her to feel the need of sharing her knowledge and expertise to young mothers, knowing that building a business as a mom is very hard. People expect you to gracefully juggle with all your tasks, when in reality you are losing money and you are getting tired and becoming unhappy along the process. But if someone can guide them along their entrepreneurial journey these pitfalls will be eliminated.


How entrepreneurship helped her become a better mom?


“I became a mother by example.” At home when her children wanted to aim for something but they are facing difficulties, she is showing them a pure example of how she did not give up no matter what. She has tried various businesses and failed but she doesn’t stop there. Now she can say to them, “Look, I am now reaping the fruits of my commitment and determination.” She has the pride of giving them the best life skills that they can ever have by showing them her experiences. For Wan Pin it is not enough to send your children to school and give them paper degree - it is also important to teach them how to endure difficult circumstances because it is part of growth and maturity. By being an entrepreneur herself, they cannot tell her, “Mommy you don’t know what you are talking about.” And this is one thing that she tells to all the younger moms who wanted to pursue entrepreneurship, that later in life one of the best fruits they will be reaping is by helping them become a better mother.


As an entrepreneur, she was able to impart her children the skill sets that they might not learn from school. She mentioned that at their young age, she have learned not to underestimate her children’s ability to understand the values that she was teaching. One of these values was understanding their why in life - because she believed that this is the foundation of everything. The deeper and more meaningful their why is, the more hard work they are willing to exert for it.


“Because I am able to do the things that I love. I am able to be the person that I wanted to be - I become a happier person.” Nothing beats the joyful spirit of a fulfilled woman at home. She was not complaining and she was not nagging and that creates a happier environment for her family.


“I learn to work based on intention rather than action.” Juggling motherhood and business is challenging. Her time was really limited that she became protective and mindful of where she spend it. She focuses her time with the most important things. She plan it so well so that those precious, limited time be spent on worthy places only. And this habit of efficient time management is an important thing to pass not just to the moms she were coaching but also to her children.


“In reality, most children don’t listen to us, they learn on what they see we are doing.”


Entrepreneurship had made a huge parenting difference for Wan Pin. While everybody is doing the same traditional way of raising their children, the important life skills that she was passing on to her children makes a great advantage. As the technology and Intellectual intelligence progresses, a lot of jobs today can be replaced 10 to 15 years from now and these skills sets and values that she were giving is their survival weapon that will make them through any crisis.  


Final Notes:


“If you are happy with what you are doing, continue doing it. But if you have this tingling feeling  inside you saying,-” there must me more in my life than this”, and they wanted to pursue something else - Entrepreneurship is one of the most fulfilling journey.”


A mother don’t have to just work on a business, she can work around the business.


Work on what your heart leads you to do. Determine your big why and build your foundation around it.Take advantage of the technological advancements. Just take that first step. You don’t need to sort all things out right away. Don’t be afraid. There are people who stepped out to help you shorten the learning curve and give you results on a shorter period of time. There are wide range resources online that you can learn from. The only thing that stops you from doing what you love is YOU.


Yes - entrepreneurship is hard as it is, and doing business as moms is harder, but you don’t have to do this alone. She emphasizes the importance of collaborations, joint venture and support groups for mompreneurs. It is crucial to enrich your network and be mindful of who you surround yourself with.


Being the first guest, she was privileged to leave a challenging but meaning question to ponder which is, “If you would have to choose between your passion and your children, which will you choose?”



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