Why is it important for parents to be entrepreneurial?

future of AI
“Entrepreneurs are going to lead the future of A.I. and embrace the 4th industrial revolution!” - Kenneth Choo


On my flight back home from my Korea holiday with family, I watched a documentary that talks about “How can AI & Humans co-exist?”

This struck something in me that made me write this quote.

The documentary is very recent and it seems like our world is moving faster towards what they are sharing.

They shared 2 true stories about Amazon staffs loses jobs to robots because the company are cutting down business expenses by automating and develop technology that can replace human jobs.

Robots are starting to take over human jobs because they... 

- work around the clock

- Do not need rest 

- They don’t complain 

- They don’t get sick 

- They don’t need vacation time 

- Do not need insurances

So the cost difference for business operations between the human employee and robots is significantly big.

That’s why there will be more and more companies integrating robots into their warehouses and operating equipments.

All these movement do take away hope from people who loses jobs that they are positive about it.

No one saw that one day robots and technology will take away their jobs.

Today Technology are advancing too fast that it will be too late for you to make any plan B. That’s why the two employees who are laid off were caught in surprise.

They were aware how fast the world outside their comfort zone were moving and both of them have families and young children. This caused a great impact in them as they do not have other skills that could help them get another job along all the other job seekers.

Job seeking time are much longer than before. (Example: 3-6 months in the past, 6-12 months now!)

This is something that I fear of the parents today especially in developed countries like Singapore. Parents are very contented and comfortable in their jobs and thinking that they could be in their jobs till they retire or till they get promoted. It is already happening to our neighboring countries which most parents aren’t aware or living in denial thinking that it will not happen to them although their peers had been laid off.

In fact, I’m not worried about the parents but more for their children who’s going to go through the tough days that their parents are going through financially and mentally. These could affect their children and create a traumatic memories that will largely impact their future and even their future generations. You can say that I am over worried or overthinking but it has happened to our generation passing down from our forefathers and grandparents. 

In order to embrace the digital economy or the 4th industrial revolution is to have an entrepreneurial mindset. It is not about starting a business. It is more about having the entrepreneurial skill sets that will help parents and their children in the future of A.I. There are still some skills that A.I. can’t replace.

Skills that can help both parents and their children in the digital economy are:

- Skills of writing 

- Critical thinking

- Books of expression

- Collaboration


And the kind of education they should engaged in are:

- Understanding how computers operate

- Understand data skills 

- Understanding value of collaboration

- Being team oriented

Having all these in mind will help to prepare the parents and their children for the fast moving digital economy.

So mothers start to embrace entrepreneurship because it is not about you only but more for your children’s survival in their future.

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