Things You Need To Know Before You Get Started On Clubhouse!

Dear LinkedIn family, if you are an author, speaker, trainer, coach or any professional expert, you should check out CLUBHOUSE app!


Here are the articles that are written by my big bro & mentor Jack H.M. Wong that I believe that will be useful for you to have a great start in #Clubhouse rather than figuring it out all by yourself.


Check them out!

1) What's the Fuss About this the "Clubhouse"​ Thing?


2) Now That You Are Finally in the Clubhouse, What's Next?


3) My 3 Jaw-Dropping Moments on Day 4 of my Clubhouse Experience


4) 3 Secrets to Take Your Clubhouse Experience to Another Level


Do follow him Jack H.M. Wong where he will document & write articles about his experiences and takeaways from Clubhouse. We are hearing a lot of successful case studies where their biz benefited a lot from being in Clubhouse. Both Jack and I are learning and implementing the strategies at the same time. See you in the house!

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