[Story Featured by ACUDEEN] What inspired me to write Mother Industrialist?

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When I start embarking on writing Mother Industrialist, I realize that the working moms are struggling to balance both work and motherhood. Some of them are suffering from the guilt of not spending more time with their children. Some of them are always worried about their financials. The guilt builds up due to the long working hours and commitment from their employer. 

This also causes them to deplete over time, physically, mentally, and psychologically which might lead to depression. Even with dual household income, it does not seems to be enough. When the mother chose to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom, the whole financial pressure will start to fall on their spouse which might make matter worse in the long run. That was when I felt the importance of sharing with mothers how they can achieve the balance between motherhood and work through the real stories of mothers who have achieved it through entrepreneurship.

Mothers are often the foundation of the family. They are like the anchor of the ship that brings the family together. If they lose balance in their life, the whole family will be affected. If they are supported mentally, emotionally and psychologically, they will have the maternal power to support their family and loved ones. 

GUILT is the number 1 thing that is affecting a lot of working mothers and GUILT builds up because they are not able to spend more time with their children because of their work commitment and the constant chase of bringing in more income for the family. The two things that are stressing working parents out are ‘NO TIME & NO MONEY’. In the past 10 years, I have seen mompreneurs achieving the balance in motherhood and business and entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to solve these two problems.

Join me on this global movement #MOMPRENEURMOVEMENT where I have a Facebook Group that welcomes aspiring mompreneurs, mompreneurs, and people who are helping mompreneurs or promoting mompreneurship.


Let's come together and build a better future for us and our children's children!

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