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Are you a working mom with a to-do list of all things you won't be able to accomplish in a day? 
Are you having trouble finding time to fit exercise into your routine? 

Do you often feel exhausted at the end of the day and can't spend another minute with your kids?
Are you having trouble trying to raise happy, healthy children while trying to workout and do chores all together? 

Or you simply can't get started because you don't know how to? 

Before you call it quits, let me tell you that nothing is impossible. 

A study shows that 8 out of 10 mothers are guilty of these barriers to exercise - lack of time, Family Obligations, Exhaustion, Laziness, and not liking exercise at all - You are not alone! 

With that said, it is also not surprising, that kids also find it difficult to exercise just because of how their parents especially mothers react to it. 

And we all know that when moms exercise, so do kids. 
Mothers simply have that influence over their young. 

These days, a lot of parents would simply choose to give the latest gadget or toy to their kids to distract them so parents can do their work, their chores, and everything in between while trying to balance everything on a scale that's impossible to beat. However, It's not the things you give that make children happy; it's the time you spend with them that does. 

Unless you’re a professional athlete or trainer who works out for a living, exercise shouldn’t be something you separate from the rest of your life. Between work and other responsibilities, you’re already away from your children enough. By bringing them into your workout routine, you can spend quality time with them and stay fit.

Having a child to care for can be overwhelming but it shouldn't be. 
Your child can be your workout buddy - you just haven't figured it out yet! 

Another good news is, an exercise routine does not have to be boring and repetitive. It can be as fun as learning how to dance. We understand that not everyone is athletic or built for sports but learning simple dance steps can be a game changer. 

And that's why I would like to introduce you to one of my amazing mompreneur friend, Sophia Meng who is a world-class belly dancer and also the founder of Dream Dance & Yoga. She is launching her Mother & Child Bellydance Class in February 2019. 
As an advocate of good health and physical fitness, Sophia is also a mom of two and knows how difficult it can sometimes be for mothers and children to fit exercise into their routine. 

Adults spend about 50 to 70 percent of the time sitting while kids spend about 60 percent of the time in chairs, swings, and car seats. To help both moms and their kids get moving, Dream Dance Yoga aims to help mothers and children overcome barriers to exercise and to normalize working out between families. 

Why do you need to exercise as a pair? 

Teaching Kids to have a positive association with exercise
- Working out shouldn't be a chore that's to be frown upon. Adults focus mostly on the inconveniences of exercise without considering that activities such as play and dancing works the same way as reps and sets. What's more, playing and dancing are not as tedious, elaborate, or difficult; it is safe, convenient, challenging, and yet highly effective for children of all ages. 

Dancing is a light exercise that's both fun and collaborative. 
- While dancing isn't as rigorous, it is enough to get your blood flowing. Even more importantly, it provides an outlet for having conversations and seeing how your kids are doing on a heart level. Now, isn't that a great way to bond with your kids? 

Sports isn't for everyone. 
- While traditional team sports are a great way to get your kids physically active, they may not be right for everyone. Dance classes are a wonderful alternative to team sports and kids can start as early as 4 years old. Participating in dance classes can have benefits for children of all ages such as improving overall physical health, Social benefits, Educational, and improved self esteem. 

Dancing will help you and your kid to shake off stress. 
Dancing releases endorphins, the chemical in your brain that help you feel good. When mothers and their children feel good, it helps chase away feelings of depression and anxiety. You feel good about your own body; it's a healthy form of self-expression. 

As mothers, wouldn't it be great to help develop confidence, focus, and strength in your own kids? 
Do you want to spend more time with them? 
Do you want to help them achieve better grades at school, sleep better, feel happier, and more sociable?

All parents, especially mothers want only the best for their children that's why Sophia is going to launch her Mother & Child Bellydance Class in this coming February and she is going to have a TRIAL CLASS opened to all mothers who would like to bond with their daughters. 
Bellydance mother & child

Registration for the TRIAL CLASS will end on the 6th of January 2019.

To make each class friendly, safe, and convenient, We will accommodate enrollees in the following order: 

The class will be divided in as follows: 
60 minutes per class with the first 20 minutes dedicated to basic ballet. This is to help attendees loosen up, feel comfortable, learn the basic steps which will be used later on for the belly dancing class. And the last 40 minutes will be dedicated to basic Belly Dancing where mothers and children will learn the steps and basic movement of the dance. 

So, are you ready to start this journey with your kids? 


and see the difference dancing can make to you, your kids, and your family life! 

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