Single Mom with 3 boys turned Mompreneur who builds her business on empowering parents!

I love working with mompreneurs because most of their businesses started at first was to solve their own problems, and neither did they realize that it turned out to be something greater than themselves. They started to find a greater purpose and started solving other parents’ problems too.

When my daughter was about two and a half years old, her pediatrician suspected she might have slight autism and she referred her to our local Child Development Unit to be assessed. After the assessment, the specialist suggested that we should consider putting her in Early Childhood Intervention. While our daughter is going through this therapy, we were looking for alternative ways to address this issue too.


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Gena Ng at work

One day, my cousin referred us to the MindChamps Reading Program because my daughter was having problems with reading. That was when I met an amazing lady named Gena Ng. She is an Education Success Coach with MindChamps. In the past three to four years, she has been a very committed and responsible coach for both our daughter and us. She introduced herself and shared a little about her past experiences with MindChamps. Her story inspired me, and when I was looking for mompreneurs to interview, she was one of the first few I approached. After our interview, I got to know her more and understand why she is so passionate and committed in her MindChamps Business.


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For a Greater Purpose

Gena had always wanted to be her own boss since she was young, and it had always been a dream since childhood for her to start her own business. In 2000, she patronized Yami Yogurt near her workplace at Suntec. One day the franchise intended to stop, and Gena seized the opportunity immediately! She started her first yogurt business when her children were around two to three years old.

In 2006, she enrolled her eldest boy in MindChamps’s Thinking Cap Program. MindChamps held parenting workshops that they invited the students’ parents to attend. After she attended the workshops, it became a turning point for Gena’s parenting. She learned so much about parenting strategies, different learning styles and how the brain works. Whatever she learned from the workshop also benefitted her in managing her yogurt business.


At the same time, she also saw the transformation in her boy after he attended their program. She saw that there were gaps to fill and she would be able to add value to families, which is in line with her mission in life. She discovered that all of us on this planet are supposed to “serve” and realized that her purpose/calling in life is to add value to people. She saw that parents need to inspire their children to be the best that they can be. That was when she started to be an independent business member with MindChamps, and she later on went full-time in 2012. 


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Gena and Kenneth (me)

Gena has three lovely boys and they have given her great internal strength to move forward. She is so passionate about what she is doing with MindChamps. She also loves the fulfillment she receives from seeing students and parents benefit from their program after the coaching. She loves what she does, and it is her passion. Her purpose in life is to serve, to lead and to make a difference to every human being she meets.

Gena with her 3 boys

Gena with her 3 sons (aged 21, 20, 20)

Purpose helps a lot in doing business. A lot of entrepreneurs focus too much on making money, but they do not realize that they need to have a purpose or find a purpose for people or for themselves. With such a purpose, a business will be able to last longer or even forever.

Gena has been a great friend, a great sister and a great mentor at the same time. I am happy that my book had helped her to use her story to inspire a lot of her parents who she is working with. It is very encouraging to hear from her stories of her parents who had read her story or watch her interview on my Facebook LIVE Show that came to hug her and thanked her for sharing her inspiring story.

I hope to be able to inspire and encourage more parents through Mother Industrialist platform! Hope you get inspired after reading the article. 



With Love,  

Kenneth Choo


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About Gena:

A single mum of three children, Gena had the heavy responsibility of raising her children all by herself after her husband passed away in 2008. Graduating with a Diploma in Hotel Management and a Diploma in Business Administration, Gena worked in the hotel industry for five years. After a short hiatus, Gena joined Wangz Business Centre as a Customer Service Officer and moved her way up to Administrative Executive. Prior to MindChamps, her entrepreneurial attitude had led her to try her hand twice as a business franchisee of two different yogurt brands.

Gena’s mission in life is to add value to other people’s lives, hence her belief in the MindChamps platform. Currently, she is an independent business member with MindChamps in her capacity as Education Advisor to the Chief Education Advisor. As an accredited Education Success Coach, she finds MindChamps to be aligned with her purpose in life, i.e. to serve, to lead, “to make a difference one by one to every human being I meet”. She is convinced that MindChamps can inspire children to be the best that they can be, as it helps children to study effectively and yet have fun in the process. Personally, Gena finds emotional gratification when she observes the benefits that students and parents accrue after being coached in the MindChamps program. The above perfectly manifests Gena’s Mummypreneur spirit, that ability to balance and harmonize the demands of Motherhood and the call of being an entrepreneur.

She learned from Mr. David Chiem (CEO & Founder of MindChamps) that it is all about “Self Thinking, Strategy and Execution”. Gena’s watershed “mompreneur moment” came about in the year 2000 when she found the courage to think outside the box to finally realize her childhood dream of being her own boss. She seized the opportunity of becoming a Yami Yogurt franchise owner when that option became available. The little kampong girl from Jalan Bahar has discovered the importance of Loving oneself as well as to Love whatever that one does. A key to her success is her attitude of constant learning and growing but without sacrificing quality time spent with family every week.

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Gena with Mother Industrialist book

Gena has a very positive outlook in life and has been an active member of the New Creation Church since 2007. Her hobbies of listening to sermons, reading inspirational books reflect her deep spiritual personality. She also exercises, takes long nature walks and constantly tries to connect with her other fellow human beings. Her advice to all aspiring mompreneurs is to BELIEVE with a firm intention and commitment.

Finally, have FAITH that Success can be achieved!


Watch the full episode of me interviewing Gena Ng where we talk about "How To Nurture A Champion Mindset In You."

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