Singapore Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop, Saturday 28th Sept 2019

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Running a workshop is never easy but running a workshop that has so much meaning and purpose is empowering!
On a early Saturday morning of 28th September 2019, a group of aspiring mompreneurs committed a full Saturday workshop to learn from various amazing speakers that KC Creative Marketing Pte. Ltd. & Mother Industrialist had organised.
Racheal Olivero
Our emcee, Racheal Olivero warmly welcome all the aspiring mompreneurs and also thanking them for making time to invest in themselves on a Saturday morning where most people would be still in bed.
The Saturday started with Kenneth Choo, the founder of KC Creative Marketing Pte. Ltd. and the author of Mother Industrialist where he shared with the mothers how to discover the mompreneurship in them! 
Kenneth Choo
Kenneth share with the mothers why he (a man) wrote a book interviewing mompreneurs and about mothers. He also shared with the mothers how they can discover the 3Ps in them to craft a mompreneurship blueprint for themselves. He also shared with them why mompreneurship is important and how it can potentially help them to craft a better future for their children's children. He also shared with them how important it is to have self-awareness in their business and discover their WHY for their business.
Rachel Pang
Next we have Rachel Pang who's a mother of 3 young children and the co-founder of OC Group where she is managing an established marketing agency and working on a new startup. It is amazing how a mother with 3 kids and multiple business balance her motherhood life. She is an inspiration and motivation for a lot of working moms where she recently represented Singapore in an international beauty pageant and was crowned Mrs United Nation.
Rachel Pang 1
She shared on the topic "Content Marketing - the way your customers want it!". This is the pillar of all marketing in today's world. Content marketing is so important especially in social media marketing. You need to keep creating content to keep up with the market and constantly you need to engage your customers to win their attention.
rachel and kenneth
That's where Rachel shared with the mothers the strategies that they can adopt to create lots of content by following what she shares. Understanding content marketing helps to lay a strong foundation in content curation. You have to market the way your customers want it, NOT what you want your customers to know. Many entrepreneurs and business owners get it wrong.
After all the inspirations and practical marketing strategies for business, it is time for lunch.
The caterer for the lunch is Bizlink Cafe. We decided to use Bizlink Cafe because is an F&B social enterprise that has a mission to serve good food with a great cause. We wanted the attendees to be a part of giving back to while learning to be a mompreneurs. Bizlink cafe serves international gourmet food at value prices and have now expanded into offering catering services.
Bizlink Centre and the Institute of Mental Health collaborated in this project with the aim to provide training and employment to the disadvantaged, especially mental patients.
Bizlink cafe's mission is through job training and employment placement, Bizlink Café is promoting independence, dignity and social integration of
disadvantaged persons, especially those recovering from psychiatric conditions.


bizlink cafe
The lunch was great and delicious! It is also a good time for the mothers to network and make friends. 
After lunch, we started off with a topic that most entrepreneurs are interested is "Grow your ecommerce business across Southeast Asia" by Janio Asia. Nanako Nishiguchi, Regional Business Development Manager of Janio Asia share with us how we can grow our ecommerce biz across southeast asia.
nanako janio asia
Nanako has a vast experience as a distributorin the fashion industry, a seller of fine jewellery, a nurse for 10 years and a Javascript code. Before joining Janio Asia, she has worked in Dubai, Melbourne and Hongkong. She is very passionate about bringing her entrepreneurship with her years of experiences across industries and countries to startups to help them grow!
nanako and kenneth
With her deep understanding of the hassles business owners go through to handle logistics, Janio aims to simplify logistics for business owners so that they can focus on growing the business itself, which is perfect for mompreneurs!
The next speaker, May Ng she will be sharing about the "5S formula to start a profitable dropshipping store" where it is a business that many wanted to start but do not know how to start.
May Ng
May Ng is the founder of SuperMom.TV and the author of the Ultimate Dropshipping Course. May was a former Real Estate Agent and when she became a mom, her real estate business was affected because she prioritized her baby and family. When she took a intensive course on Internet Marketing and Online Business, it opened up the door of Dropshipping to her which resulted her to build 3 successful dropshipping online business which generated her a comfortable 5 figures income every month. And that's why she created The Ultimate Dropshipping Course. Her mission is to inspire more online entrepreneurs through her Dropshipping journey and hopefully they can create a dream life for themselves too.
may and kenneth
It is amazing how her dropshipping business allow her to be a full time mom, a local YouTuber and a lifestyle that many dreamt of. May also a giveaway of 3-Day video training on Dropshipping for FREE . We are so thankful for May's generous offer!
We are so honored to be able to invite these 2 special guests and we are very inspired to be able to have them to share their 20 over years of working together as husband and wife. Many couples do not believe in working together in a business but both William and Christina had prove us wrong!
William phua
William Phua and Christina Heng are the author of "Is Salary A Bribe - Don't forget your dreams!" William shared with the mothers the many setbacks that he had in his entrepreneurial journey and how he and Christina kept moving forward until when they hit success. Currently now they are semi-retire and they are on a mission of helping and impacting people to think outside the box to start living their dreams.
william, christina and kenneth
Is Salary A Bribe?
The sale of William & Christina's book "Is Salary A Bribe?" on that day will go to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home 李亞妹安老院 as a donation.
Before commencing the upcoming panel discussion, it is time for a tea break and also to mingle around to network! At the same time, we would also like to thank Racheal Olivero for being the emcee for our workshop which really contribute a lot to the success of this workshop. Thank you Racheal! 
Racheal Olivero
The highlight of the workshop where 5 amazing mompreneurs were invited by Kenneth Choo to join him for a panel discussion on "Overcoming challenges as Mompreneurs"
Panel discussion
On the panel we have:
Michelle Hon - Author of The Chill Mom & Mumpreneur Mentor
Zoe Chu - Author of Sleep Baby Sleep, Parenting Speaker & Asia's Leading Baby & Child Sleep Expert
Jenny Lee - Founder & CEO of The Ladies' Cue
Gena Ng - Chief Education Advisor of MindChamps
Ange Dove - CEO & Founder of Proof Perfect Pte Ltd & MarketSMART Learning Hub
panel mompreneurs
Kenneth had known them for many years and he is so inspired by their amazing entrepreneurial journey as a mompreneur. All 5 comes from all walks of life and they come together to share with the aspiring mompreneurs (the attendees) how they overcome the challenges as mompreneurs.
Token to panels
It was a great insights from them and also lots of questions from the floor too. As a token of appreciation, Kenneth presented each of them a token of appreciation for making time to come and share their stories.
Kenneth would like to thank all the mothers who have take time off from their family to come for this workshop. He is grateful for all the mommies who have attended and make this workshop a success! 
He would like to thank the following goodie bag sponsors for sponsoring the workshop. 
Goodie bags sponsors
MaryKay Singapore
working partners logo
We would like to thank the above working partners
Photography & Videography
Event Sponsor
Kenneth would like to thank all the mommies that came for this workshop and without your participation and commitment, this workshop would not be possible!
Thank you very much and hope to see everyone of you achieve more abundance, freedom and happiness in your motherhood journey!
Group photo
Here's a recap video done up by Supermom TV

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