Mompreneurship bonds Mother and Child

Left to Right : Lesley-Anne, Monica Lim, me (Kenneth Choo)

Yesterday I attended “From Now On: Women Taking Charge” talk and met with the authors of the Danger Dan series.

I was there to support my friend and a mompreneur, MaryAnn (Founder of The Studio Loft) who was invited as one of the panel speakers for the “Press For Progress” segment.

But what I got out from was so much more especially when I heard when Monica Lim share with us about how she started. Her story is so inspiring and it is so inline with what my book, Mother Industrialist promote.

About Monica Lim

Founder of Hedgehog Communications, a writing agency that has grown to become one of the most established writing outfits in Singapore. She is the author of The Good, the Bad and the PSLE, and created the Danger Dan character. Together with her daughter Lesley-Anne, they came up with the series, Danger Dan and Gadget Girl, for children, as well as the bestselling Secrets of Singapore series.

After her session, I went forward to ask her the question that I didn’t had the chance to ask during Q&A. I asked “If you are not a mother, would you ever thought of taking the leap of faith and start a business?” She say that most likely she won’t because it is because of motherhood and the desire to spend more time with her children was so strong. She also realise that her waking up hours belong to others (her boss or the company she works for) especially after she became a mom. She wanted to be there for all the milestones of her children.

She used to be a writer for big companies for many years and she love writing. She started blogging and she had a opportunity to compile her blog’s entries into a book The Good, the Bad and the PSLE: Trials of an Almost Kiasu Mother.

In 2002, she started Hedgehog Communications as a one-woman show and the demands for copywriting started increasing and she could not do it all by herself. She started hiring writers to share her workload and to-date she has 13 writers. She started hiring her first 2 writers who are mothers who are passionate about writing who wanted to have the flexibility of time and also taking care of their children

Photo: SPH

What inspired me even more is that Monica Lim co-write Danger Dan, Danger Dan and Gadget Girl and Secrets Of Singapore series with her daughter Lesley-Anne.

This is a amazing bonding for both mother and daughter. They discover more about each other during the process of writing. It is a unique way and an inspiration for many parents.

Monica started blogging because she wanted to document down her children’s milestones and memories. Her blog (Of Kids and Education)started Aug 28, 2008 and it is coming to 10 years now. She write about her thoughts on Kids and Education which started gaining traction.

I would like to share Monica’s mompreneurial journey with a lot of mothers out there and I am connecting with her to invite her onto my Mother Industrialist LIVE Show where she can share her entrepreneurial journey online.

“I believe Motherhood is the best time to start your entrepreneurial journey!” — Kenneth Choo
Danger Dan and the Gadget Girl
Autographed and attn to Denyse

I bought Danger Dan and the book were autographed by the authors, Lesley-Anne and Monica Lim, a daughter-mother duo. This also inspired me to start exploring ways for me to start a daughter-father DUO.

So how about you?

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