Industrial Revolution 4.0—A Good Opportunity for Women

Industrial Revolution 4.0 timeline

Have you heard about the Industrial Revolution 4.0?

A newly emerging trend of automation and the ways of data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes IoT, cloud computing and cyber-physical system.

In simple words, we can say Industrial Revolution 4.0 is changing the way we live; we work by introducing automation. However, but the question is how industrial revolution 4.0 is going to introduce new opportunities for women to start up business.

As we all know women are stronger in problem-solving abilities and empathy can make women the best and ideal business professional, only if they overcome some challenges.

However, there’s only point where women lack is the awareness of the latest technologies, like Nanotechnology. With awareness, women can commercialize their solutions to various problems. So entrepreneurs in industrial revolution 4.0 are not limited to their gender, but it demands everyone to think long term when it comes to start up or to maintain business. No doubt, Industrial 4.0 is becoming a new standard, so it should be considered in future business plans.

However, that’s why during our Mompreneurship Workshop we are going to discuss the importance of introducing new technology to women. In this workshop, we’ll encourage women to use technology and entrepreneurship to create amazing economic opportunities. We work to inspire mothers to pursue their careers which are more secure and less likely to be automated.


women power

Women have power in their hands:

No doubt, industries like manufacturing and construction are male-dominated and so likely to be affected by automation. In comparison to these, there’re few industries resistant to automation like psychology, nursing, and medicine. Women just need to understand their power. Worldwide women have more degrees than men. They’ve post-graduate degrees, PhDs than men. Moreover, there’re skills that strong women bring to the table, once called “Soft Skills,” the ability to understand something based on someone’s body language.


Family work

Family and Work Together:

Millions of companies are losing talented women just because they’ve other responsibilities to fulfill. They’ve kids and so have to choose between kids and career and of course kids are important. But that’s doesn’t mean women have to compromise on their career. However, the best thing is Industrial Revolution 4.0 could work for the women to never face such a situation again in the future.

It’s going to be possible with automated household work; it may relieve part of the dual burden. Yes, women wouldn’t be both a breadwinner and caregiver at the same time. With the change like work—more remote working opportunities, it would be easier for other parents to combine work and family better.


Flexibility in 4IR

Flexibility to Start Businesses:

This new digital landscape will provide women of all over the world with the flexibility to start businesses with a relatively small amount of investment and sell products worldwide. Yes, last year, eBay announced that they'd have the products from the vendors across more than 5 African countries, a great opportunity that did not exist before.  

While manufacturing and technology industry has been a male-dominated sector, but Industrial Revolution 4.0 going to represent far-reaching new amazing opportunities for enthusiastic women in this field. We’re moving into the industrial revolution 4.0. However, the opportunities for women’s careers in this field have never been that much great as we see the integration of digital technologies with physical production.

So join us for our event on 30 March as we’re going to invite industry leading local business women help you exploring new opportunities available to avail in the 4IR age.

This workshop aims to engage and promote the brilliant opportunities available by setting up a cluster of successful women who will continue to look at opportunities and challenges that may arise.


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