Hear what these mothers have to say after reading...

Hear what these mothers have to say after reading MOTHER INDUSTRIALIST-perfecting the balance between motherhood and business success!

If you are a working mother or mother-to-be who would like to strike a balance between caring for your family and succeeding in business, Mother Industrialist shows you how!

With freedom in time and finances, you can escape the pressures of the working world. As an entrepreneur—or “mompreneur”—you have the ability to spend time with your family, improve your financial situation and even have more children if you wish.

Author Kenneth Choo offers advice on starting your own business and claiming the happiness you deserve. He shares insights about the working world as well as the personal stories of 15 women who transformed themselves into thriving mompreneurs.

Today, more than ever, you can choose to live life on your own terms, to craft a future for yourself and your family that is emotionally and financially rewarding. MOTHER INDUSTRIALIST will set you on that path.


👉 By implementing the 3 Ps or the 3 Pillars that Kenneth shared in the book.

Passion, Purpose and Profit, the 3 Ps will help you to kickstart your business as a mom. With Kenneth’s experiences working with hundreds of mompreneurs in the past 10 years of his career. He will be able to guide you through the process and help you to design a business that can be integrated with your motherhood journey.

He has been married to his beloved wife for 12 years and a loving dad with a 9-year-old daughter. So as a parent, he will be able to understand your parenting challenges and difficulties.

In his book, he had also interviewed and featured 15 inspiring stories of mothers who are living life on their own terms and spending more time with their children. They have come from all walks of life so there might be one story that will resonate with you.

At the same time, Kenneth also shared his insights about our children’s future and how we as parents can create a better future for them. All these can be found in his book MOTHER INDUSTRIALIST!

With this book, he will walk you through a self-discovery process where you will have the self-awareness to design your business.

To help more mothers to achieve their balance in both motherhood and work, he had decided to offer a LIMITED SUPPLY of his book for FREE! 😍

Only 100 books have been set aside for this promotional offer, and it is for a limited period of time!

If you want to discover how to perfectly balance motherhood and business, all you have to do is cover the cost of shipping and tell us where to send your book!

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