Embark on your Mompreneurship — Time to Discover Hidden Passion and Profit Journey!

Have you ever thought of financial independence? If yes, then you must have thought about the ways to achieve that. Well, if you’re a full-time mom and a wife, then it becomes tricky to manage both home and career. However, with the advancement of technology, we’ve new and improved ways to manage our home along with excelling in life.

If you are a stay home mom and thinking about getting into entrepreneurship, then this blog is all you need. In this blog, we’ll discuss some highly pertinent factors you have to keep in mind while entering the business world.



Discover your passion and purpose

One of the most important factors while deciding to go on a business ride is to realize your passion, discovering your purpose and what field or sector you want to tap to get profits. Deciding on the field, you choose as your business niche is of utmost importance. For crafting a successful business blueprint, you would need to determine your strengths, passion and threats. Entrepreneurship is not something you can do for fun it’s a serious decision and requires a proper thought process.



Power of branding

Brand power is not new, everywhere across the globe businesses are trying to attain brand loyalty to keep the customer base. So if you’re thinking about starting a business of your own, then branding strategy needs to be in place.



online ecommerce

Online selling or E-Commerce

As we’ve mentioned earlier that with the advancement of technology now you don’t have to step outside to pursue your passion. Affiliate marketing or e-commerce has gained much fame in recent years. Online business not only offers you freedom of working hours but also allows you to earn as much as you want. If you want to start a career as an e-commerce entrepreneur, then there is a variety of online business ideas to give you a nice start. However, here you understand that online market needs you to be updated and upbeat all the time to stay in the competition.



mentoring & coaching

Importance of coaching and mentoring

Every one of us needs a mentor or coach to give us valuable insights to decide the right direction. Same is true for the business sector as you need the advice from the experts to pursue in the right direction with passion. If you’re in search of such mentoring to give you a head start for your businesses debut, then all your needs are to attend Singapore Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop 2019. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the business basics, branding and various other relevant topics to help you start your professional endeavor.



content curation

Social media content creation

Social media has become one of the most significant platforms not only to earn but also to give your business identity and loyal customer base. However, creating the right content for social media campaigns needs expertise and experience. A business or marketing campaign can only be successful if you’ve the right content to attract the clients. If you intend to start your professional life, then social media can play the lead role in getting the required traffic.

If you want to know more about writing the high quality and highly enchanting content for your social media campaigns then attending the Singapore Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop 2019 is a must. Our experts will discuss and offer you a complete insight into the content writing techniques and tricks.




Challenges for mom entrepreneurs

Being a mom is a full-time job as you’ve to be there for your family the whole time. So if you’re intending on finding some time to pursue your career, then all we want to say is that you are taking the right step. Although we do admit that there’re a variety of challenges involve, however, at Singapore Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop 2019 our experts will discuss out the challenges and the solutions to earn some quality time for your career.




SG Mompreneurship 4.0 workshop

Workshop you need to attend!

So, if you want to make your life better and attain financial independence, then Singapore Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop 2019 is offering you a shot at your career. So, to all moms out there, sign up for Singapore Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop 2019 and get the required insights regarding career.

The workshop will start at 9 am and will continue till 5 pm. So give yourself a chance to excel in the professional field by getting yourself registered at highly affordable rates of $40* per pax (Regular rate), $20* per pax (Early Bird rate ends on 16th March 2019). Lunch and light refreshment will be provided!


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