Celebrating Mompreneurship on International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, we’re going to celebrate Mompreneurship. You might have a lot of questions in your mind that why there’s a need for Mompreneurship when women have other things to do at home. Well, to out beat this thinking, we need to aware the society with the importance of women’s role. So for this, we’re going to conduct Mompreneurship workshop in conjunction with the International Women’s Day in March.

According to 2017 NAB white Paper, the gender split amongst Australian Millennial entrepreneurs and business owners is even. However, there’re good reasons why moms should attract to entrepreneurship as an alternative to the traditional 9-5 corporate jobs where your physical presence is more important.


Saving for Retirement:

We all know entrepreneurship comes with a lot of career opportunities, it never matters whether you fail or succeed, and you’d be your boss and work on your terms regardless of gender biases. Remember, if you’re successful, you can have a financial ticket to freedom. Being as an entrepreneur, a woman can have a lot of savings for retirement regardless of the unequal ratio of women in this field. Entrepreneurs have the freedom to choose their own working hours and grow their business at their own convenience.

Yes, the most highlighted benefit comes with entrepreneurship is the flexibility. It gives women especially to the mothers to young children flexibility to work at their pace. No doubt, thousands of organizations are giving importance to their Employer Value Proposition, but still, entrepreneurship is the best option as compared to be working as an employee.


No compromise!

One of the main problems women face while choosing entrepreneurship as a career option is they have to choose between their work and family. Women want to experience both things. They want to support their family, also don’t want to distract their attention from family. It’s a kind of juggling act, but trust me women are good at juggling and we can witness it by see a mother nurturing her child. A woman is good at multi-tasking and entrepreneurship to go can in favor of women in initial stages when there’re no set job descriptions.


Emotional Intelligence:

Most of the people complaining they’re working on those places where nobody gets them, and most probably those people are the men who lack such abilities. To work effectively, it’s important for you to be emotionally strong and should have the freedom to express them when needed.  Women are emotional-intelligence superpowers. They can assess another’s situation more easily. When someone understands you and gives you a solution, then it goes a long way in interpersonal relationships. You can be your emotional partner and of others as well and that’s only possible with Mompreneurship where you get the freedom to speak out louder in male dominance.


Drive Values:

By nature, women care deeply about their values. However, this could be achieved by being working as an entrepreneur. You can have the freedom to create your value system which helps you drive your business’ culture. A woman can have the freedom to pick clients who share the same values.


Female Leaders Investing in Mompreneurship:

According to a survey, female entrepreneurs need the guidance of the other successful female leaders. Well, there’s a reason for it, women receive less funding as compare men, and that’s because of bias. Most venture capitalists are men and so because of accessibility and unities, they’ find a lot easy to invest in other men. However, one of the best parts of entrepreneurship is there’s no barrier for anyone to enter. Anyone can come up with a unique idea and give it a try.

These are some benefits that come with Mompreneurship. No doubt, there’re many challenges which women have to face. So if you want to learn more about the opportunities and challenges, then don’t forget to save the date—30 March because, on this International Women’s Day, we’re going to conduct a workshop where women especially mothers have opportunities to start their independent career.


So what you’re waiting for?

Get yourself registered for Mompreneurship workshop and get the chance to meet successful women entrepreneurs on how they overcome all the barriers in their way to achieve excellence.


Singapore Mompreneurship 4.0 Workshop 2019


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