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It's been said that "behind every great man is a woman." If you're a stay at home mom, your skills are worth more than you might think. You can create products in your spare time to sell on Carousell, Shopee or other platforms if you don't have the time or resources (or patience) for teaching classes.


Here are 3 ways to monetize your stay at home mom skills:   


1) Teach online classes- there's an app for that! 

With the demand for college courses skyrocketing, many universities have started looking into online education. With an app called YumaBoard that connects to your computer screen and turns it in a whiteboard you can use both hands on, which makes teaching easier than ever before!

Teaching has never been more interactive thanks to this one of a kind technology- with two monitors instead of just one students are now able to participate much more actively in their classes while having the professor's full attention at all times as well. You'll be amazed by how easy yet intriguing these virtual classrooms feel when compared side by side with traditional ones; real life is no longer needed for edifying lectures or discussions anymore!


2) Create and sell digital downloads

If you have a talent for creativity and are looking to earn some extra cash, look no further. You can now create your own digital download business with the help of Fiverr! With just five dollars, you get an account where other sellers would charge up to one thousand dollars in order to set their product on sale. Sellers aren't limited by time or availability when it comes down this side gig-the sky's the limit!

Just upload any video from YouTube that is at least fifteen minutes long (or shorter) and sells individual pieces like live tutorials or how-to guides on cooking tips & tricks as well as advice videos about love & relationships based off personal experience stories which might work best if they're coming straight out of someone


3) Start writing books about parenting/raising children

Have you ever wanted to become an expert in raising children? You could start writing books about how to be a parent, or offer advice on parenting/raising your own kids. What would they say, and what kind of impact could it have on the world's children as a whole.

You know your baby is going to grow up and leave you one day? Well, why not start writing about parenting as soon as possible.

That's probably the best way of coping with it--writing a book!

You may not be an expert in raising children, but you can write a book on the topic. You might have some of your own personal experiences to share or maybe even just observations from watching other kids and their parents for years that would make really interesting reading material!

In the same way that you might find an old journal and think, "what was I thinking when I wrote this?" your children will read some of their books about parenting years later with a sense of nostalgia. They'll remember how scared they were to be parents themselves but also what it felt like as time went on - all those little milestones and moments in between big ones! You can start writing stories at any age because nothing is too late or early for creativity.


If you're fascinated with the idea of teaching online classes, then there is an app for that! Udemy offers a variety of courses to teach on and make yourself money. You can even create digital downloads like ebooks or apps if you know how to code. If writing books about parenting/raising children sounds appealing, but your busy schedule doesn't allow time in order write them all now- don't worry because I have great news just for people like us! Start by picking one topic area (i'm thinking it would be easier) such as breastfeeding and write down everything we've learned thus far based off our experiences as parents - do some research too though ;)

I have to say, there are a lot of options when you’re looking for ways to make money online. Which one would you start implementing? Share with me in the comments!

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