11 Things That I Discovered When I Hit Rock Bottom!

I had a chat with a friend few days ago and we started talking about me being at rock bottom. I would like to write them down and share with those that had been rock bottom or are hitting rock bottom.

These are my own discovery and it does not represent everyone’s. If it does resonate with you, do share with me your thoughts and comment below.


1.You have nothing to lose.

At rock bottom means that you have tried everything that you know and all does not help. You have lost everything and it means that your “account” is zero. Whatever that you do now and as long as it will help either monetary or personal development, it is already a PLUS. At this point you have every reason to WIN. You will be fearless and you will be better as long as you keep moving upwards/forward.

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2. You realize that whatever you did in the past is meaningless and you found the meaning and your purpose of your life.

You will find a lot of things that are around you and the things that you chase in the past like cars/houses/money/branded stuffs/gym membership/luxury lifestyle/fine dining and many more are meaningless. These are the things that causes you to be at the rock bottom. There is NO one thing that causes you to be in this state. It is the collectives that made you.

At this point you will realize that being happy and at peace is more important than anything than anything that is on earth. You will also realize that you start asking yourself what is the meaning and purpose of your life. Once you have an answer or some ideas you will start the journey of life re-discovery.

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3.There’s no risk at rock bottom.

Since it is at the bottom so whatever you do, the fall would not be that “hard” too. What is the risk? Just fail until you succeed! What could be worse? The distance you and the starting point is so close! Worse come to worse just start over again. Just try and learn every obstacles along the way. After learning, reflect on the lesson learnt and get back up fast to move forward.

One thing that I know is this moment will not last! Just continue going up because it is the only way!

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4. The view at the bottom is dark but there’s only one light that is above you which is showing you the way out.

At the bottom can be scary and lonely at times, but you will know that you only have one way out which is to grow to a better version of yourself be it mentally or physically. What you need to do is to stay calm and allow your senses to open up. Feel the things around you. You will suddenly discovered that everything that used to be around you are different now. You get to see a different side of it or different perspective of it. At this point you would have a lot of realization and enlightenment. Once you have all these, you will slowly find out how you can get out of this miserable hole or trap that you put yourself in. The only one that is capable to put you in this situation is YOU, YOURSELF!

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5. Having God or your higher power with you will help you and guide you the way out from the bottom.

I used to take my prayers for granted and even connecting with God (I’m a Catholic). When I was at the rock bottom, I blame everyone around me including God for whatever that happen to me. But at the same time I was also at a point in my life that I cannot trust anyone including the one closest to me. I realize that there is no one that I trust or believe and the only way is to trust the almighty God and that is when I started to go to church.

That was when I attended the mass that changed my belief and faith in GOD. It was a Sunday Mass and the priest, Father Edmund was sharing the Gospel and he shared a story about a fellow believer.

The story goes like that. This fellow brother and let’s named him John. He went to see Father Edmund and he ask Father Edmund a few questions. The questions that stands out is this : -

John : “Father Edmund, why isn’t God answering my prayers?”

Priest : “What did you pray, my son?”

John : “I pray for a bigger house, a bigger car, a good wife, a good job, a good family and good …..”

John’s list keeping going…..

Priest : “I see, it seems like a long ‘To-Do-List’ for God? So who is the Lord now?”

John was shaken and realized something. He said,

John : “Oh no, Father I have committed a sin!”

Priest : “ No you didn’t, my son. You just didn’t know how to pray. Do you think that our almighty God can’t answer your prayer? If you were HIM, what will you do? Put yourself in the shoes of a parent, what will you do to your children? In fact, God wanted us to do ONE THING which is to TRUST HIM. So how many of us, his children are doing that? We are not trusting him and at the same time giving him a long list of things for him to answer. My son, what you need to do is to pray to HIM in this way. Almighty God, please bless me with the strength to overcome all the struggles and challenges I faced. Please blessed me with love to welcome my future wife. Please bless me with the wisdom to advance in my career. It is about asking for God’s blessing and TRUST HIM in delivering them. It is not about the way you pray, it is about HOW you pray.”

John came into realization and thank Priest Rev Fr. Edmund.

After attending the mass, I started praying for God’s blessing.

I prayed for the strength for me to climb out from the bottom.

I prayed for the guidance from HIM through his angels.

I prayed for the love for me to spread it to my loved ones.

I prayed for HIS forgiveness.

I prayed for the wisdom for me to overcome all challenges and struggles.

Ever since, I have been having my prayers answered and I am very grateful for HIM. Through HIM, I have shared this story or message on HOW to pray to many people that I came across who were like our brother John.

I thank GOD for putting angels in my life to guide me to the light. Thank You Lord. Amen.

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6. You began to trust your intuition and your gut more than your head.

I trust my intuition and gut now at a 100% . It is because whatever belief and values I had, had brought me to where I am BUT to move forward I would need more and that is my intuition and gut now.

Have you realized that more often we do things that we THINK we want or can do and it totally screw us up? Sometime we have this inner voice that tells us NOT to but in the end our mind played us out and we ended up hurt?

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So now instead of going against it, I began to trust it and believe in it. As long as the feeling is good, I will go for it and be accountable for it. Believe that whatever the outcome is from your intuition and gut is going to be GREAT!

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7. You started investing in yourself being a better version than investing on things.

Many people invest on almost anything like stocks, property, companies …. But on themselves! The only time that they start investing on themselves is when they loses everything that they invest.

The only thing in the world that you invest in and it stays is yourself, your body, your mind, your mindset, your brain and your soul.

I am a very good example that I invest or I buy things that I like. I used to buy collectible toys that I love because when I was young I was not able to have these because my family is a average family that we do not have anymore savings at the end of the month because we are a family of 5 depending on one source of income.

So when I grew up, I was very hungry to earn more money and that is the reason why I went to find a sales job after being a babywear designer for 4 years. Hunger has always be in me since young.

Now being an entrepreneur and running my business for 4 years. I realised the amount of things that I have invested in myself for the past 10+ of my career had helped me in my entrepreneurial journey. My sales experience, designer, fashion retail, commando training, school band and many more that contribute to me being the best version of myself everything. It is always a benefit to invest in yourself.

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8. You start to have gratitude and be grateful for whatever that happened to you in the past or present.

Something that I have learnt over the past 4 years is to be grateful for things that happen to you be it good or bad. I always believe some things happen for a reason. You might not know what it will lead to BUT always have to faith that good things are going to turn out great!

What doesn’t kill us just make us stronger especially in entrepreneurship. If not for our failure, we won’t learn and we will not commit the same mistake the next time when we faced the same problem.

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9. Taking baby steps instead of big leaps.

Many people that I come across during my journey are not patient with their progression. They always want to hit success in a very short time but success does not come like that. You must be prepared to brave through the adversities and obstacles that is in your way.

I always believe in taking steady baby steps than big leaps. It pays to start small BUT think BIG! In that way you will have a better foundation from the beginning.

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10. Having lots of clarity of the world around you.

I started to have more clarity of the people, surrounding and things that are happening around me. I am clearer about the things I used to do and understood why it was happening to me. It become my life purpose or reason to live my life better. In the past, I am blinded by what the environment or the society want me to do. But now, I am aware of my actions that will affect the result that I want.

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11. You stopped caring about how others think of you or look at you.

In the past, I used to care about how people think of me and also what they say about me. But after hitting rock bottom, I realised that they are the reason why I fall. Because I was too concern about their POV (Point of view)where this is my OWN LIFE. I am the one that is leading my own life and not them. I am the one facing the challenges in my work, family, relationship and life. Why do I care how they think about it and let them take control of my life? They are not the one that is living this life. Once I understand this, I have stopped caring about how they think and it is also for people who are closed to me like my parents and spouse.

Definitely it doesn’t feel good to be at rock bottom or hitting rock bottom but it is something that you have to face it and overcome it. This rock bottom had been the reason why I am not giving up because it is so painful that I would not want to end up at the rock bottom again.

I hope that the 11 things that I have discovered when I was at rock bottom will inspire you to embrace whatever that is happening or will be happening to you. Learn from it and who knows that you might be able to use this experience to help someone or even save them.

If you like what I have share, do like and comment what is your takeaway from this article. I wish everyone well and hope to connect with you one of these days! Take care everyone!

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