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5 Steps To Prepare For Running A Business After Motherhood


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Mother Industrialist

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JAMES LEE, Entrepreneur & Author of 'Flip Your Switch To Be Rich', www.jameslee.world

"Always having the heart to serve towards the less fortunate is what Kenneth comes off as a person and a business partner. He understands and empathizes the challenges faced by others and always gives a pair of listening ears. This book will definitely provide a great amount of insight for mothers to achieve a perfect balance between motherhood and business success. Kenneth always delivers as he has been an honorable friend and a true servant leader. He earnestly helps people around him without any reservations. It has always been a great pleasure working with him through the years."

ALEX LUK, Founder of J.Direct Pte. Ltd. & EmarketPlace Pte. Ltd. Diapers.com.sg

"Kenneth Choo has been in the parenting industry for many years. He is one of the most connected individuals I know of. If you need to find someone in a certain area or function, he will have it! His strong network definitely helps him in branching out to become a successful entrepreneur and his other endeavour. He is also very resourceful and able to think out of the box. He will be a valuable asset to any company he works with. I wish him all the success for his new book."

YVONNE SIOW, Community director WorldVentures Foundation

"Kenneth is a very established yet grounded young man. He is full of passion for life and generates positivity for all those fortunate to be around him. Besides having setup 2 successful enterprises, he continues to look for ways to engage himself with the community, especially the less fortunate. He has done many projects for our foundation and has been a strong champion for our social cause. As a working mother, I appreciate the depth and value-add of his knowledge."

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When I first met Kenneth, he was a very friendly and approachable sales and marketing person. Eventually we became friends and I have seen him grow into a promising entrepreneur. I am honoured to be featured in his book, Mother Industrialist. Thank you and keep up the good work.

SOPHIA LOY Founder and Chief Baker, Petite Bakehouse LLP www.petitebakehouse.com

I believe Mother Industrialist by Kenneth Choo will be an inspiring book for ladies who seek to establish a successful business as mothers. They will find courage, hope and inspirational wisdom by learning from like-minded women/mothers who shared their success journey in this book.

SALLY SOO Founder and Director, MapMyGene LLC

It’s amazing how one person can walk into your life and make a huge impact. Kenneth is for sure that person. His drive to help Moms all over the world excel in both motherhood and business is such a beautiful thing and I’m so grateful that I’ve gotten the chance to be apart of his journey!

Kenneth, thank you for everything you do! It’s men like you that help us women/moms feel more empowered and inspired to make things happen. You are beyond appreciated and I’m extremely grateful for you!

LORRIE VAN NESS, Online Entrepreneur

I admire how Kenneth is so passionate about promoting MOMpreneurship. Yeah, it's very unusual for a man to be such that's why I was amazed how talking to him gave me a lot of aha moments. Impressive! I am excited to get a copy of his book! His perfect balance of a man's business mindset and a heart that understand Moms to the core, I am sure "Mother Industrialist" is one of the best MOMpreneur book written.


It's been said that if you want something done, ask the busiest person in the room to do it. It has also been said that within most organizations, 80 percent of the work gets done by 20 percent of the people. As an leading author, and entrepreneur, Kenneth Choo is the epitome of professionalism, conviction and excellence. The work that he is doing is exemplary and you can be sure that as long as Kenneth is involved he is leading the way. In fact, Kenneth and I collaborated, on his podcast, Mother Industrialist, after reviewing who he was, I quickly with admiration agreed. I have learned that if Kenneth is involved, all he endeavours and the people involved with him stand a high success of achievement. It should also be noted that Kenneth pursues with complete focus various community-oriented efforts while performing his "day to day entrepreneurial" in an stellar fashion.

Kenneth completes everything to fruition, professionally, morally and ethically while possessing a most pleasant personality. He not only lights up the internet with his podcasts, which are informative, and brings light to many topics today that involve mothers and women. He remains focused to empower others, he creates an energy and a buzz that makes good things happen. I am honoured to be connected, have worked with and look forward to continuing collaborations with Kenneth. 

JOHANNE BRENNAN, Author l Consultant l Speaker "How To Thaw Your Frozen Feet"

Kenneth is passionate about showing mumpreneurs the way to build a sustainable business and still witness the many milestones of their kids. I sincerely admire his dedication to this journey -- he has even written a book dedicated to mumpreneurs! He is also an excellent host, and I thoroughly enjoyed being on his live show. Can't wait to see the book Kenneth!!

SHAEN YEO, Founder of Positive Education

Love the book lots as taught me in handling my kids better. the book written is great. Highly recommended.

Carol Neo, Mother of 1

I met Kenneth Choo on his FB Live session with FHMoms (Filipino Home based Moms), which eventually led me to avail his book - Mother Industrialist. I love the way he showed how to identify our 3 P's - Passion, Purpose, Profit by using real stories from Moms he interviewed - a lot of their experiences resonates with my own journey. I could relate more to being a Dynamo Genius.. I could also see a snippet of myself with Ange, Millie (starting from zero).. His book helped me clarify my purpose - I now know what I want to do: To Teach... And really, my passion is to help people learn - gain access to knowledge and information -

1. Old school style (face to face)

2. Digitally - and many more!

Thank you, Kenneth, for writing this book. Your insights into the Mom's World and our journey to becoming an entrepreneur, aka "Mother Industrialist" is so timely.

Peach Pira-Gerida

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Thank you Mrs Singapore & Classic Mrs Singapore 2019!

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6 Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Business

6 Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Business

If you are not using Instagram for promoting your business products or brands, then you might take a quick decision about getting your business on this platform.

Instagram has proven as one of the most powerful marketing tools within the online world. Various business people expand their visibility and presence of their products by using Instagram.

If you are not using Instagram as a marketing tool then obviously you are giving your business a significant loss.

If you still need to be convinced by using Instagram for your business, then you might check out these reasons.

Scale Your Business With Instagram

Scale Your Business With Instagram

Today we are super-excited to announce our intensive The Instagram workshop, Introduction to Instagram for business! Our creative workshop is based on tactical tips and resources for you to become a better visual content marketer.

This extensive workshop is going to start at 9 am on 15 June 2019 and will end at 5 pm. During this period, the audience will have a lot to learn and enjoy the practical experience.

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